Postcards From the Heartland Announcement

POSTCARDS FROM THE HEARTLAND (How I learned to stop worrying and love the RED state)

Curated by PAUL HA, Director, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
Located at the Art Production Fund, 15 Wooster Street, New York City
January 20-30, 200

For the past 100 years, Missouri has been a bellwether in every White House race, voting for the winning presidential candidate in every election except 1956. In the 2008 election, Missouri again played a crucial role as a swing state. Missouri played host to all four candidates who were in and out of the state frequently and Obama and McCain making sure they got the Missouri vote. Missouri however got it wrong in 2008 for the second time in 100 years and possibly losing the important bellwether status. As Missouri was bombarded with ads, little money was comparatively spent in New York courting the voters. The exhibition brings images from the 2008 presidential election year in the Heartland – to New York.

Greg Barth, Nanette Boileau, Bunny Burson, Michael Byron, Michael DeFilippo, Ian Dickens, David Ford, Jay Fram, Christine Giancola, Lance Gibler, Stefan Hester, Michael Hoffman, Peregrine Honig, Tom Huck Jeff Hughes, Wonder Koch, Annette Lemieux, Jane Linders. Robert Longyear, Katie Mabry, Megan Mantia, Mark Newport, Terri Reilly, Martha Rosler, Lyndsey Scott, Paul Shortt, Mike Sinclair, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Eric Thoelke, Jason Triefenbach, May Tviet, Justin Visnesky, Peat Wollaeger, Kuba Wuls

Special thanks to Soho Mews for generously donation the space to Art Production Fund.
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