Sight Scene: ‘Sass’ Is Anything But
By Kriston Capps

October 17, 2007

Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s “lot lizard” drawings emphasize the role of women in American mythology, recasting truck-stop prostitutes in a more sympathetic light. Her use of religious iconography highlights the centrality of this narrative, one that ignores or subjugates women. In fact, the West ain’t so lonesome for those who live a life on the open road, but the stories of the prostitutes are skipped over in favor of the stories of the drivers who enjoy their company. Thalhammer’s Mary Magdalene-identified collaged drawings are strong. But similar works have seen a lot of play in recent group shows — not to mention Thalhammer’s solo at G Fine Art…

The word “sass” connotes, to this writer at least, not merely attitude but also insight. Work by the D.C.-based artists Bass and Thalhammer offer plenty of both…

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