International group of muralists celebrate Women History Month by creating a large collaborative work of art in Washington, DC this March. The artists in this diverse collective of all ages and cultural backgrounds bring their own unique stories relevant to the women’s place in the modern society. This public work will be created on a highly visible side of private home on Florida Avenue NW. The goal is to visually transform the area and provide a forum for discussion relevant to women rights in our local and global communities.

Women artists who specialize in street art, public art and graffiti do not experience equal representation of women within these art forms. Like other forms of artistic expression born out of the urban experience, public art has been traditionally dominated by men. Yet, powerful works by women abound. These works ultimately enrich the art scene, providing alternate perspectives and diversifying its message and its relevance.
Albus Cavus, in partnership with Vital Voices Global Partnership, and local supporters like Commissioner Hugh Youngblood and other helpful neighbors convene a group of leading female artists to bring to life an unprecedented, collaborative mural showcasing the talent and vision of women.
The artists work independently, yet collaboratively to develop the sketch of the mural. The sketch will be presented to the community for feedback on Thursday, March 8 at 7pm in Perry Center. March 8 is also International Women’s Day.
The artist set a global significance of this mural as they are coming from various places. Panmela Castro, a renowned graffiti artist and women’s rights activist from Rio de Janeiro and member of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network, represents a truly transnational collaboration of diverse voices and experiences.
The talented artists include Alicia DECOY Cosnahan, Helen Warren, Khadijah Wilson, Maggie Michael, Milena Spasic, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Chanel Compton, Rosina Teri Memolo, Laura Elkins, Dominique Ines Alston, Diabetik, NEBSI ONE, Elizabeth Stewart, Quest Skinner.