TBD ARTS, Maura Judkis, January 31, 2011 – 12:59PM

smithsonian-protest5ORIGINAL POST About 35 people are standing outside of the Smithsonian Metro stop, Maura Judkis reports. They’re there to register disapproval of the Smithsonian Institution’s secretary, G. Wayne Clough, who last November ordered a video removed from an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

“Hey hey, ho ho, Clough must go!” the protesters chanted until a policeman appeared and asked to see their permit. It’s only good for protesting in front of the Smithsonian Castle, the cop told protest organizer Bill Dobbs of ART+, so for now the group is silent, Judkis says. Two people in green hats, “legal observers,” are examining the permits now. They’re from the National Lawyers Guild, a First Amendment group whose Jeffrey Light tells Judkis he’s there as “a professional witness.” The NLG was at ART+’s New York protest as well.

Most of the people are holding pre-made signs; Judkis says she sees some handmade ones as well. Some representatives from People for the American Way are there, too; that group called for Clough to step down this weekend.

The protesters, too, are demanding Clough’s resignation; the Smithsonian’s Board of Regents is meeting today. We’ll have more as the day unfolds.