Soup Kitchen at Transformer

Kathryn Cornelius & Lisa Marie Thalhammer present:

Soup Kitchen

Located at: Transformer
1404 P Street NW
Washington DC

February, Friday 20th, 2009

5 – 8PM

Baby, it’s COLD OUTSIDE! This Friday DC-based artists Kathryn Cornelius and Lisa Marie Thalhammer heat things up with SOUP KITCHEN, serving a FREE meal of soup and bread to ALL. Join the artists as they fill bowls, slice bread, and entertain guests with an event that addresses the relationship of art and community service with the common concerns of our current economic situation, in the format of a communal experience.

This meal is:
Please join us!
*All remaining food items will be donated to S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat), a local non-profit outreach program located next to the O St. artists live/work space.

Soup Kitchen Nutrition Facts

“We can start the country over from scratch…Can you see the Blue Room with Campbell’s Soup Cans all over

the walls? Because that’s what Foreign Heads of State should see, Campbell’s Soup Cans and Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. That’s America. That’s what should be in the White House.” – Andy Warhol, 1975

“Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans were a brilliant parody of art in the same way that Campbell’s Soup is a brilliant parody of food.” – Craig Kilborn during The Daily Show

“Who knew that Campbell’s Soup still existed? The only reason they are probably still in business is because Andy gave them a place in pop culture history that will forever be celebrated as some of the best art work ever created.” – a Pop Burger rep on the 139 year-old soup company

Soup Kitchen Nutrition Facts